Studying at a language school

Language school time


Timetable of language school

I think many people that are have a question about the timetable of the language school. The average teaching time, it is said that 20 to 25 hours a week. It seems often become PM 2.3 from at approximate 9:00. Will not end tuition too late in the afternoon, also I think some feeling that I want to enjoy the subsequent extra-curricular activities. After class, well as city tourism and sports, it is very effective in terms of learning the language. There is also a place to study a whole bunch in the timetable of 30 hours per week, but as long as it is a language school in the long term, perhaps say is better not too packed.

The contents of the class

Timetable of the language school has been made in consideration of the various balance. Since it unless can not English of course know the English word, a word of tuition. After the reading, writing, from basic things such as grammar, there is also a practical lesson, such as discussions and presentations. Which is not to improve the overall language even protrude. Timetable of the language school will be made taking into account that such a. While scissors a break from 9 am until 5 pm very hard lesson is carried out. Although additional fee take, such as city tours and watching movies has also been carried out as part of the lesson, I exchange with other classes can be in there.